Smoothie Quest

I attended the other day a Raw Food Workshop and I have to say I it was wonderful tasting food. Thank you Alison. I wasn’t too skeptical since I love salad especially this time of the year. But the combinations and how you do it was amazing and I learned a lot. I also got to taste the spinach smoothie. Which I have always been so courious to try since I know a few of you have had them. It was great and you don’t even taste the spinach. I am now on a quest to taste lots of smoothies.

Pear & Spinach Smoothie for recipe go here This was my first and not my last

I had some frozen blue berries in the freezer and some spinach so I went for this one. Fruits of the Forest Smoothie. Very good.

Alison Ottaway lives here in Italy but she can be reached on her blog Path Less Trodden: Follow Your Passions if any have any questions about eating Raw Foods. She is very knowledgeable and helpful.

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