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Driving Exam

Road sign in Ischia Porto (Italy 2005)Yes, I know I have been here for so long and still have not done the driving exam or even attempted to get the Italian Driver’s License.  It is hard not having a license but you can get around easy in the city without one.  Though when you have grocery shopping or other heavy shopping, it is would be nice to have that car and drive there and back.  Also, there just comes the time that you just have to do it.

I will also admit I am afraid to drive here.   I have driven in New York, where they say the traffic is horrible, but nothing compares to Italian drivers.  The drivers here do not follow any rules even though they have to know them for the written exam.  Which let me tell you it is horrible what you need to know and the amount you need to know for that exam.  You need to know the rules but also  you need to keep in mind that they do not follow them.  Do not expect that if you are going on a one way street going the right direction that they are doing the same.  Do not expect them to stop at the traffic lights, they do not. Bruno Bozzetto does it perfectly with this video:

Even though I am afraid, I still need to go and get it done.  I have been practicing using the online exam on the website Scuola Guida   http://www.scuolaguida.it/Quiz-Patente-B  I have been close each time but mess up on some really strange questions.  Like for example:  Is the headrest used to relax the muscles while driving, honestly how am I to know.  It is used to prevent your head from snapping back but maybe it could also relax muscles while driving if you rest your head on it.  But even so what does that have to do with driving on the road?  How does that question make you a better driver.  Or the questions were you have to be an Optomologist to know the answer.  Again I don’t wear glasses but if I were I am sure to look up the rules then.

Last reason, is the motorcyclist here are crazy.  Well at least most, the motorcycle here is used for weaving in and out of traffic. On the left side of the car and on the right side of the car, and if they could drive on top of the car they would.  You have to be massively aware of them and of course not run them over.Scooter parking Florence

Now to add to this list, I have never driven a manual shift car.  I have always had an automatic and not once have I driven a stick.  Now I would be learning how to drive on on the streets of Italy, well need I say more.

Overall it has to be done, so I am going keep plugging on the exam, go to a driving school and hopefully in the long run get that license.  Only time will tell.  I will keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Driving Exam

    • I just miss passing each time, drives me crazy, that is just the written, then I have to learn out to drive manual stick shift. So much to learn at my age but I am going to have to bite the bullet and do it soon. I just don’t want to waste so much money taking the tests over and over again etc. Plus I don’t think it is good to drive scared. I was so confident in the US, but here is another story.

  1. Good luck! I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably never learn how to drive in Italy – just being a pedestrian sometimes brings me out in a sweat!


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