My Story

I have started to write some of my thoughts and feelings down in these pages.

Realization of the Big Move to Italy

After 2 months of living here a sudden loss

1 year old, pregnant , reality starting to hit in

Trying to create a social life

5 Years and Confident

When life throws you curve balls, you….

Or was it when life gives you lemons you…

Alternative Medicines; Well Maybe

A Diagnosis, A Treatment, Will I…..

My Long List of the Life Altering Medicines

More to come…….

I have created a network to help other moms that move to Florence, Italy.

About the Network :

How “Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network” came to be:

2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I just read your story and am so moved by all that you have endured and yet you have time to do this blog. How are you doing health wise now? You must be so strong to be a mom, a wife and live in a foreign country with a health issue. I hope you are doing okay.

    • I am doing a lot better Thanks. Since it is a Chronic Illness I have up days and low days, but I just battle through them for the family and myself. I also run the Firenze Moms for Moms Network as well. This keeps me very busy. I follow your blog and was wondering if you would want to do a guest post the moms network blog. You can check it out and see if you have something you would like to ad. We are looking for food ones as well.

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