After 2 months of living here a sudden loss

Since I have only been to Italy for small vacations, I was still in the awe stage of living there.  You go into a state of everything is wonderful and new to explore.  So many sites to see and places to explore, this is the tourist mode.  But that only lasted so long.  Then reality hits you and sometimes hard.
About 2 months after we had moved to Italy, I was pregnant.  We were excited since we did want another child, and I thought OK this would make my transition to the new country easier.  It couldn’t have been more far from the truth.  At 8 weeks into the pregnancy I got the flu from my husband and was running a very high temperature.  I started to bleed and have lots of cramping pain.  I knew that something was not right.  My husband was away at a conference in Philadelphia, PA.  So I had to rely on my horrible ability to speak Italian and his parents to take me to the emergency room, because I was miscarrying.   I lost the baby, and this was very sad for me, but we were determined to have another so 2 months later we tried again.  It worked the first time and then I was pregnant again.  This was when the battles for the whole 9 months of hormones and living a life in a foreign country really started.  Needless to say, I cried about how I was going to make it here trying to raise our 1 year old and a new baby in this confusion.

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