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Umbria: Perugia

Yes I am behind in posting.  I have gotten so caught up with everyday things that I get behind in the posting. So all I can say is Sorry.

At the beginning of summer, we went to Perugia.  Perugia is a beautiful medieval town.  I just could not stop taking pictures.

I loved the tunnel escalators you take to get from the bottom to the center.  Out of all the pictures I took, I seemed to miss taking one of the tunnels.  We were only in Perugia for half a day so we just visited the center.  Perugia is a beautiful town and we will definitely be going back.

Priors Palace

Inside Priors

inside Priors

Priors Palace is the Town Hall for Perugia.  It is medieval architecture with inside interior amazingly filled wall to wall and ceiling with decorative colors.

Outside the Priors Griffin & Lion

In the center of the town square there is a beautiful fountain.  Called Fontana Maggiore (Great Fountain) located between the Priors Palace and Cathedral.

Fontana Maggiore

While standing at the fountain, we turn around and see the Cathedral of St. Laurence (A Gothic Style Temple).

Cathedral of St. Laurence

After the quick visit to the center we headed down to see the Oratory of S. Bernardino and Church of S. Francesco.  The pictures below were taken on the walk down.  I just love the small decorative alley ways I saw along the way.

This one I love the size of the apartment on the left. Wonder how they fit furniture in that place?

On the way on some wall, sorry I really don’t know what building it was on.  There was this stain glass window of St Francis.

More churches along the walk down to the Oratory of S. Bernardino and Church of S. Francesco.

Finally we get there.

Oratory S. Bernardino

Standing in the courtyard looking back up at the city of Peurgia was a beautiful site for the ending of our trip.

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6 thoughts on “Umbria: Perugia

  1. Beautiful! I went there about 30 yrs. ago! Also Todi, Orvieto, Assisi in the same school trip, but can’t remember anything! Thanks so much for sharing !

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